Friday, August 23, 2013


"Rosary wrapped like a noose around these praying hands."

Mike Parker's Devotion inspired tattoo by Michelle Truong.


Photo by Jackson Long

Devotion will be performing on Thursday August 29th at The Josephine in Seattle along side Owen Hart, Wreck Tacoma, and more. This show is a chance to wish Devotion guitar player Bob "Chef" Reed and his wife Amy well on their upcoming move to Los Angeles, California. Bob is moving south to further his musical talents, and if his performance on the new Devotion album is any indication, his future is extremely bright.


Almost exactly one year to the day of entering the studio, the final touches for the new album have been tracked. Over the past twelve months countless hours have been logged in engineer Jackson Long's HMS Studio, as well as Squared Studios where some key vocals were laid down, and of course the Columbia City Theater where all drum performances were committed to tape. Indeed, the arduous process of mixing down these explorations of sonic excess still remains, but we are all one huge step closer to hearing a new Devotion release.