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Devotion will be embarking on an extensive West Coast tour with GIVE from Maryland in the final two weeks of January. The tour is still in the initial booking stages, but it should look something like this:

Sat. Jan. 15th - Bellingham, WA
Sun. Jan 16th - Vancouver, BC
Mon. Jan. 17th - Tacoma, WA
Tues. Jan. 18th - Eugene, OR
Wed. Jan. 19th - Oakland, CA
Thurs. Jan. 20th - Pomona, CA
Fri. Jan 21st - Isla Vista, CA
Sat. Jan. 22nd - San Diego, CA
Sun. Jan. 23rd - Phoenix, AZ
Mon. Jan. 24th - Las Vegas, NV
Tues. Jan. 25th - Bakersfield, CA
Wed. Jan. 26th - San Francisco, CA
Thurs. Jan. 27th - Redding, CA
Fri. Jan. 28th - Portland, OR
Sat. Jan. 29th - Seattle, WA

A number of these shows have yet to be confirmed. If you’d like to help with one of these dates please get in touch.

If you have yet to hear GIVE please do so here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We have a handful of t-shirts left over from our recent stint in the Pacific North West. They feature the Devotion cross logo with the image from the back cover of the album inside. Many thanks to our friends at ACE/FACE Screen Printing for the quality craftsmanship. If you're interested, these shirts can be purchased at

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News from the Devotion camp:
A full lineup of musicians has been established and extensive rehearsals have been taking place at the Dangler Compound in Washington State. There are tentative plans for a series of live performances to take place around The Pacific Northwest in the late summer or early fall. More news on that as soon as dates are solidified. In addition, life is at long last being breathed into the ever growing backlog of new Devotion material.

Stay tuned for more details soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Effort Fanzine from Sweden is easily one of the best hardcore zines in recent years and the new issue is out now. It includes a Devotion interview as well as interviews with Give, Remission, Not Sorry, and Espen Follestad from Sportswear and content regarding True Colors and Mindset. For distribution info or to order a copy directly check out the Effort myspace.

Copies of issue number 2 are still available here.

Issue number 1 is sold out, but you can find a pdf version of it here.

Check out an interview with Effort editors Ulf and Kalle on the excellent Double Cross Blog here.

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